Change in Action

  • Invite Beautiful, the solo play to your city.
  • Break the silence.
  • Name and Identify injustices.
  • Organize Forums.

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The Shame Does Not Belong To You

For centuries, little girls and boys have held in secrets of abuse until they are grown adults. These secrets have caused physical, psychological and sexual damage to living healthy lives. Join us as we change one community at a time.

Our mission is to inspire, celebrate and create a global movement to free anyone who has anguished in silence for years over their abuse.

BEAUTIFUL, the solo play  is a solo play use  to inspire millions of  voices across the world to release the shame.  Bring the solo play to your city and transform lives.

Our Mission

BEAUTIFUL, the solo play

Join the movement

  • Bring BEAUTIFUL ACTING TROUPE to your School or University.
  • Annual Fundraising Gala.
  • Global Political action.
  • BEAUTIFUL, conference
  • Daddy & Me Dance